About the Blog

The goal of this blog is simple…. Find the best muffin and cupcake we can!

Overall score is calculated using a complex set of algorithms too complicated to explain here.


Mordy – the author of https://muffinandcupcake.com/ – is extremely picky about desserts.
Please don’t buy or offer him anything that doesn’t have a chance of rating 7.0 or greater.
Future muffin and cupcake reviews will include offerings from very important dessert places like San Diego, Atlanta, Las Vegas and NY.
All large donations may be sent to us at the address of any non-profit that you like.
Jonah – the webmaster, tech guru, president, ceo and general manager of https://muffinandcupcake.com/ keeps Mordy on task and focused – because this work is really important.

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