Yummy Cupcakes – Encinitas, CA

I thought I would give this place another try. Frosting: 8 Cake: 3 The cake tasted like ‘day old’ bread. It was the last vanilla cupcake left and I erred in choosing it. Isn’t the cake supposed to be either moist – or pleasantly dry? Not this one.  It was not only dry but had…

Rancho Santa Fe Food Company – Cielo, CA

Coffee Cake Muffin rating 9.0 Topping had just the right amount of ‘crumbs’ and it wasn’t too dry or too moist (heaven forbid). a – I would definitely purchase and eat this again b – their pastries (and food) are consistently outstanding c – streusel inside was good I look forward to reviewing their blueberry…

Rancho Santa Fe Food Co – Cielo, CA

What a great surprise to have this restaurant open up and offer excellent desserts. Moist and just the right amount of sweet. Good blueberries and batter. I look forward to tasting more of their offerings. I hear they have cupcakes too!

Randy’s – Eau Claire, WI

pumpkin bread 9.4 – outstanding! just the right amount of sweet. just the right amount of density. just the right amount of moist. it hit the spot – and I wanted more! they really nailed this.

Thyme in the Ranch – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Blueberry and cranberry muffins Solid 8.7 Excellent muffins.  They don’t disappoint.  And HUGE portions so you can cut them in 4 and last all day. Make sure to remove the wax paper before ingesting. Tastes fresh, delicious.  A touch dry but makes no difference when paired with tea or coffee.

Wich Addiction – San Diego, CA

Review Overall 9.5 Outstanding Best one of these I have ever had. Moist on the inside and just right amount of slight crunch on top. Taste was perfect brownie! Why not a 10?  I’m thinking next time I will have it warmed up and see if can possibly be better. Excited to go back.

Girard Gourmet – La Jolla, CA

Blueberry muffin Rating 5 Tastes healthy, but that’s not what I’m looking for in my muffins.  Reminiscent of eating whole wheat pancakes without syrup.

Cafe Positano – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Everyone deserves a second chance. Lots of cranberries (yay) in this muffin. Slightly more moist then the last unsatisfying single blueberry muffin I had prior. Overal 7.2 Would I go back and get it again?  Absolutely.  

Super Donut 2 – Encinitas, CA

Chocolate Glazed Donut Better then I thought. Bigger then I thought. Better then Dunkin’ Donuts (which I would rate a 5 from my recollection of having one years ago). I am going to have another one – right now. Overall: 7.3

Lofty Coffee – Solana Beach, CA

Zucchini and Cranberry muffin Outstanding Intense Moist Filling Satisfying Unique taste (not your run of the mill blueberry muffin) Score: 9 Where did it lose points?  It didn’t .  But for my first muffin review, needed to leave room for improvement

Cafe Positano – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Overall : 5.5 (that’s out of 10) Blueberry muffin with one blueberry. Also too dry. Other than that it was perfect. Small Ice tea should be called mini. Customer service outstanding.